“I began my sessions with Nancy after a few months of a persistent low mood and feeling like I was struggling to cope with the ups and downs of life.

I’d never had any counselling before and wasn’t really sure what to expect or how helpful it would be for me. Nancy was always kind and patient, but encouraged me to make some changes in my life — in particular with a difficult situation with friends.

She also helped me to feel more confident being “me!”

Although I know things won’t always be perfect or easy, I feel much more equipped now to get through the trickier moments in life … and also more able to relax and enjoy living in the moment, particularly when I’m with my kids.”  A.L

“Counselling helped me hugely, helped me overcome my past situations. Learned how to let go and deal with certain parts of my life. Gained the confidence I once lost. 

Nancy was brilliant and very welcoming which made me feel at ease. I would recommend counselling to everyone, it certainly helped me.” K.B

” I trained alongside Nancy and she has a natural calming presence which immediately puts people at ease.  She is passionate about Mental Health and is one of the most genuine people I’ve worked alongside.” S.J 

“My family suggested I went for counselling and Nancy came highly recommended. I always felt I was in a safe, non judgemental environment where I could share what was going on in my life. Nancy was down to earth and friendly whilst still being professional.

Counselling really helped me to recognise my emotions and come to terms with certain issues in my life. Further sessions then helped me to learn some tools for dealing with anxiety and stress. Counselling has been really beneficial to me.” B.W

“Nancy is a very kind, warm and friendly person. From the moment I first met her she made me feel at ease and comfortable enough to open up and talk to her about my feelings.

She is very passionate about her work and being able to help her clients and that comes through every session.

She will listen where needs be, asks thought provoking questions and challenges you in a respectful manner. She certainly helped me look at things from a different perspective. Overall just a really nice person.” C.D

Speaking to Nancy has helped me to understand more about my thought process. She has helped me feel more positive about myself and understand my achievements.

The main area I feel I have benefited in is the area of self-esteem.” J.T

I hadn’t realised the power of talking therapy until I met Nancy. I only wish I had come to counselling sooner.

I have learnt some valuable tools and techniques that have not only helped me cope with my current situation but are a lifelong skill.

Thank you so much Nancy, I am eternally grateful.” S.A.L

“Life changing … it put me back in track … thank you SO much to Nancy, she was amazing in her gentle and confident approach to me.  Nancy very skillfully supported me in recognising the goals we needed to achieve and returned to them at the end of the final session “ M.C